• Our Education

    Our Commitment to Research and Education

    The doctors and physiotherapists at the Specialist Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic are dedicated to keeping people of all ages physically active through orthopaedic research and education in the areas of hip arthritis, surgery and rehabilitation.

    Our research is aimed at improving the care of the patient.

    Our areas of Research and Education include:

    • Patient Reported Outcomes Based Research – we measure the outcomes and results of our treatments. This helps both medical professionals and our patients in making better and more informed treatment decisions.
    • Education – We are dedicated in educating surgical trainees (future surgeons) and physiotherapists through are committment to providing education in public hospitals and physiotherapy education seminars.
  • Physiotherapy Education

    The best outcomes from surgery are achieved when the patient has access to the best physiotherapy services. We are dedicated in providing educational services to physiotherapists who are interested in the maximising the patient outcome before and after hip arthroscopy and the anterior hip replacement.

    We hold physiotherapy education evenings which are free of charge, 4 times per year.

    Please contact us, if you would like to attend.

    Tania Pastuovic
    9928 6161

  • Patient Education

    The surgeons at the Specialist Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic are dedicated in providing education to patients and have received a number of awards for their online patient resource www.orthoanswer.org


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  • Medical Education

    Doctor Education

    All the surgeons at the Specialist Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic are dedicated to training surgical registrars at Western Health and trainees of the Victorian Tasmanian Orthopaedic Traning Program.

    We have been developed an orthopaedic surgeon training website



    The website has been acknowledged for it’s excellence in training.